About Me

One day when i was 3, I was at the park near my new house. I had just moved. I played on the swings and the slide. I was climbing up the slide without using the ladder, and sliding down. climbing up the slide, and sliding down. Then, when I was near the top, I fell. It hurt so much that when I got home, I couldn’t tell my parents anything. My parents called the paramedics, and they couldn’t figure it out either. After a nap I went to the hospital, and the doctor said my arm was broken. I had to wear a cast for 3-4 weeks. It HURT the entire time. Ouch.

Mah cr8z hair!

My hairstyles are crazy! One of them was mohafro, also known as Mohawk-afro. It doesn’t even look like either! The other 2 main ones are: mop and tangled mop. Yeesh!

The only time my hair looks GOOD is when my hair is cut… unless it was by mom. Uh- oh!


On my favorite birthday, we played minecraft, egged zombies, and made biomes.

Playing minecraft is easy once you know all the basics. Watch a video on youtube by tobuscus and you shalt understand. Note to self: DON’T MAKE COAL TOOLS! YOU CAN’T! IT ONLY WORKS WITH A MOD THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

Egging zombies: we printed pictures of zombies and spiders and all the hostile enemies in minecraft. Then we got eggs that weren’t really eggs, they were little sacs that stuck to stuff, and we threw the “eggs” at the “zombies”.

Making biomes: we made places that were amazing out of square bricks, and others out of CEREAL!